Question:  How long will my order take?  
Answer:   Your order will be processed anywhere from 2 days to 7 days depending on stock of shirts and transfers.   

Question:  How long will shipping take? 
Answer:  We are shipping us postal service ground so we expect the shipping to take 5 to 7 days.   Your overall order should not take no longer than 2 weeks.   
If you need sooner, please request in the notes section of the cart and we will contact you.  

Question:  If I put the design on the back of the shirt, what will be on the front?
Answer:  There will either be an American Flag on the chest or the words we will never forget in the center of the shirt.  

Question:  Which design should I pick?
Answer:  That is up to you and some get both.  One is a full color design that will look good on any of the colors we offer.  The other two color design is for a grey shirt only.   

Question:  Can we put the transfers any other shirts?
Answer:  Yes - if you are local and bring your shirt or jacket to us - we can put the transfer on.  Has to be a color that will work.  The shirt will be $20 instead of $25 if you provide your own tshirt.   

Question:  How do we contact us?
Answer:  Call Toni Metzger at:  (260) 571-8142 anytime or Karin at:  (260) 563-4111 Monday thru Friday from 9a to 3p.  

Question:  Can we order by calling?
Answer:  Yes you can call and we will place the order for you and send you the invoice or you can do local pick up if in our area.   

Thank you !!